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Stay a While 01:12
It’s the heart at the center part, Sent a dart through the dark nights making art, Parked up by Marino like coast guards Sent a postcard to you through a fuselage Heard a few remarks other dudes want to ooh & ahh When we arm in arm I disregard the hooplah She like Zsa Zsa gabor You Zaza Pachulia, type peculiar Who you think you are? Moved to Newer York I’m still Adelaide to the core move the car Bigger rep than the premier The emperor with a new groove See im smooth with the catalogue Rappers acting soft, my girl be so in awe, Skip the love songs & rap along to cappadon She a capricorn, my star got the shell & claws My jaws fell to the floor when she flaunt it off
I caught the pass to the chest in the park playing chess A cigar filled with cess healing stress Feel as if my best made plans being played on the bench Talking to my shorty tryna get the tech Blocking all attempts like Dikembe Felt my heart beating like djembe, when she met mey Harder way like im penny, roll to my apartment Im making penne, roll up the garnish exquisite pen game Doing this for many years like Lebron James Been over a decade Hakeem with a dream shake See I caught the spin move when I been with you Spent a few winters lacing up my shoes for a substitute Run the jewels on your emerald eyes She like Jordan 3’s, 4’s, 7’s & 5’s Incredible style, full court press beside me for a while You & I the dynasty finally
Know Doubt 03:22
I remember that day when my man passed away I was gonna board a plane on to L.A But I had to go at my pace, innovative in a race I’m a student of the game, need to wait Really who am I to complain? Humble as a grass blade or a grain of sand by a new wave, Rap like i’m new order in the new waters You ignore it as a author you pay for it Pay it forward, play the organ like Greg Allman Or Lonnie Jordan, go to WAR on award tours Soul talking it’s all yours, been recording Since I was fourteen, that’s important Felt nauseous when i’m on stage performing Portrait of an artist as a young man, Fail to plan you planning to fail But when you busy doing that look what happens cant turn it back
Burning Slow 04:26
I call my brother Sun cos he shine like a diamond In the rough waters at the end of hydrogen, 2 O’s & we lighting one Opposite of daughters but Yemaya is the holy Goddess Author of our fortune full moon in a portraiture Paint the silhouette, still wet on the canvas Where the rivers & the sea connect, the essence that we infinite Krishna said I am the taste of water, The light in the sun & the moon & the syllable in the mantra Holy Avataras in the moonlight, a rising star In a supporting cast like Mahershala Ali, The earth is not beneath me, its all around me The ocean like my Mother’s womb I’m reconnecting alchemy Astounding I’m standing looking out the balcony with family Celebrating life & our reality Happy to be receiving poetry like a leaf on a family tree Rivers of my ancestors
Bright On 01:31
When was the last I watched the sun set? 11:11 7:15 1:08 These numbers are only a few Abstract extracts of the day we knew How many exact digits can you recollect? I know one thing The Sun comes up And the Sun goes down This is how…
Jay Elec 02:45
Pride pull the Pulitzer, stood beyond the pulpit Full clip of footage in the images of Ludwig Look kid, could’ve been, promise him the tutelage Shorty like a stewardess, fly with all her movements Writing luminescent epithets Surrounded by luminaries, An era of Big L in a Pelle Pelle Never Nelly, the eloheem in a cemetery A secretary of integrity at the precipice Dressed to kill, sweat dripping down the quill When I dip it in the ink & build pyramids at will Yo you Grant Hill, career riddled with injury, Limiting ability, I’m Magic within a dynasty Immaculate, Brand Nubian dancing to my ministry Triple 7 lyrically, you stuck on one theme of me Evenly distribute knowledge throughout the scenery, A bag of cess, book of text, listening to Jay Elec
Black Tapes 03:27
A couple characters to animate, Colour of coal dark matter in acetate Black tapes of Rage rap clips that my bro made When I was 8, watch em at sleepovers on replay My older cousin had Thriller & Purple Rain For a kid in Adelaide in the 90’s it was an ill escape Had a couple dubbed games of the NBA Used to watch them so much I could name every play Michael Jordan Playground, Remember when I found out about Spike Lee & Do The Right Thing Malcolm X, double cassette Movie length so long it wouldn’t fit on one VHS At the best it gave my parents a few hours to rest And do whatever they wanted - But I don’t want to guess, At that age a couple of Black Tapes Would get us through a summer and a winter break
Hemisphere 03:27
My brain is in the clear, thoughts focussed on her figure yeah It could’ve been my year, very near Pardon me dear, artistry is a part of me But my inner ear be asking me to listen to you sincere That dudes a geek & you a freak of the week Parliament LP’s, Passin Me By like The Pharcyde I’m parlaying while you laying in the cut surprised, Butterflies in the gut I had to euthanize So I could socialise, I took the right Cos the left was uncivilized 85 Stand behind, Stan Getz records on the recliner, Let the ends divide, stepping lightly through your enterprise It ain’t no Star Trek I see the Hermes scarf on the neck Word is you need to get the crib refurbished But first things first, twist up this earth & take a hit to resurface, two tropics immersive
The corner store owner, your next door neighbour Your best friend and partner before she went in labor, Their newborn baby, two nurses in the waiting room Patiently awaiting on a birth paper God, Satan, your dog, the boss, A turntablist who played the first song that you rapped on Radio announcer, club bouncer, Your coach in a timeout talking about all your fouls The chess player who put you in checkmate Over and over again until you got greater The bread maker, the beggar, the dough taker The dice shaker who divided all of your life flavour The one who told you maybe, the one that never changes Or the percent of the population you not relating If i forget them then remind me later, All I’m saying is somebody believe in you You gonna make it Somebody believes in you kid I’m sure of it You got your head down low keep ignoring it Formula for success, must not expect any of it Just do your best, God Bless & let bygones be bygones Don’t be obsessed with always being the right one Where does time come from? Why is the sky blue? Why the water wet son? Ghostface questions The 4th chamber is tough, can you harness your love Enough to trust your friends when they coming up? That’s belief and when someone did it for you You better do it two times for them dude Student of your breath, observe at every length I’m not one to advise, we all rely on it Try to mind your wit, smart aleck’s don’t always get a grip on reality Keep mashing.
6 - 2 - 6 03:32
Six in the morning but it weren’t Ice-T Knocking at the front door my loved one beside me Last night was a real dream The kind you don’t wake up from or see the sun come Been low on income but come in The one thing that we could be becoming is becoming It’s nothing, trust in it, keep living Ccrease in the linen John Lennon got hit in Fiends in the city it’s sad when they family But my Dad told me the will of a man is decision Maybe I’m just like you know the Prince lyric My mother cared to bare witness and give forgiveness Spirit tinted, dim vision Skip pebbles on the water let them make a ripple Stay a little while if you feel it The sun feels nice when it shine on your feelings Sun rise, sun fall Some lights & some won't The sun shines on us all When was the last I watched the sun set? 11:11 7:15 1:08 Well I am my Mother’s fourth son, I am where her sons set I guess I kept the best part of my day til it ends To begin again with darkness Infinite It doesn’t mean I am the centre I call my brother Sun cos he shine like one And see my father would say Sun comes Sun goes down As simple as it sounds Kinda profound When was the last time you watched the sun set?


When was the last time you watched the sunset?

Sunset Cities is a new musical project created to explore this and many other questions concerning one’s own presence, spiritual essence, belief, love, and mindfulness while in rotation around the life light. The group is comprised of two emcees and two producers; four human perspectives judging the light and the dark of life, manoeuvring between the two while the fundamentals of hip-hop culture and psychedelic soul simmer on the coasts of South Australia.

Last year in Adelaide over a plate of Ethiopian food, MC’s Nelson Dialect and Cazeaux O.S.L.O. crafted the basic principles for waxing poetic over two distinct sonic dimensions - a record made up of two sides, the first produced by Melbourne beatmaker Skomes (known for his work with Caseaux O.S.L.O under the moniker SO.Crates) and the second by Adelaide resident Alnitak Kid. The record follows the cycle of the sun, no beginnings and no endings, just answers to this and many other questions using the voice, the drum and the body electric.

When was the last time you watched the sunset?


released February 22, 2019

SO.Crates is Cazeaux O.S.L.O and Skomes.

Sunrise Side (A) produced and mixed by Skomes. Sunset Side (B) produced and mixed by Alnitak Kid.

Vocals mixed by 'Quincy' Skomes.

All songs written and performed by Cazeaux O.S.L.O and Nelson Dialect except "Bounce if You Open" co-written and performed by Mike Thesis and "Oh Baby" vocal performed by Jace XL.

Mastered by Dan Elleson.

Artwork by Sagi Arad AKA Mamzer.

This album was recorded, mixed and mastered on Kaurna and Wurundjeri lands, sovereignties of which were never ceded.


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